Single Page Apps and AJAX

Optimize with data, not gut feelings.

Performance issues are difficult to track down when the application frontend and backend are disconnected. XRebel improves the transparency between the moving parts of your Single Page App by offering end-to-end visibility into application performance – even if your frontend is served by a non-Java server.

Full Stack Developer

End-to-end visibility

Regardless of how well full stack developers understand an application from front to back, the source of application slowdowns is difficult to determine during development. XRebel spans end to end as the widget can be injected into your non-Java frontend apps that communicate to Java backends – giving you valuable backend insights simultaneously as you test your UI. Watch the full video

Front End Developer

Dataflow analysis

Frontend developers have the best understanding of the business flow of the application, but it’s virtually impossible during development to verify that the app is using the APIs as intended. XRebel shows your request details in real time so you can optimize the flow of your data. Requests are identified and filtered by client so details are easy to use even if you’re using a shared backend server. Watch the full video

Back End Developer

Genius inspired by data

Backend developers write APIs but often lack insight into how the APIs are used by the frontend, especially during development. XRebel hooks into frontend apps to give you backend request-execution timings, IO, Logs and Exceptions, as they’re happening in real time. Don’t waste time tuning the wrong code – multi-endpoint requests are collated to give you a complete picture of what APIs are used the most. Watch the full video

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