License Server

Centralized on-premise license management. All your JRebel and XRebel licenses in one place. Advanced monitoring and real time user management. Free to download.

Download License Server 3.6.3

Easy license management

Your licenses, available 24/7. Get notifications for when you are about to run out.

Real time monitoring

Track license usage and time saved. Draw conclusions that matter.

User group management

You define the user groups. Mirror your existing teams or set up a single pool.

Help and support

Follow the License Server Quick Start to get up and running in a matter of minutes!

License Server Team Lead Quick Start

The reference manual is also available with descriptions of common tasks and advanced functionality.
Quickly jump to popular manual chapters:

License Server data processing policy


By downloading and using the ZeroTurnaround License Server, you agree to the End User License Agreement.

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