Develop more – Restart less

Automatically reload more code and resource changes than any other solution.

Deep integration with 100+ frameworks

Reinitializes the configuration of these frameworks, automatically rewires components and rebuilds caches on the fly to prevent even more redeploys.

Real-time insight

Instantly see which code, resource or UI changes work and which do not. Batching changes are a thing of the past.
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Integrates with Java EE containers to reload EJBs instantly without manual intervention.


Update code and resources without interfering with normal debugger usage.
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Supported technologies

Works out of the box with all popular IDEs, application servers, VMs and build tools.

JRebel in 2 minutes

Makes classes reloadable using existing class loaders on application servers. Recompiled classes are instantly reloaded in the running application.
Classes and static resources are loaded straight from IDE workspaces and build systems.
Rebuilds caches, rewires components and applies configuration changes to the runtime as necessary for over 100 frameworks.

Remote and virtual server support

With JRebel you can develop as fast and easily on virtual machines, remote servers and cloud environments as you do locally.
JRebel forwards the changed classes and resources to any remote server, reloading them instantly. No need to repackage your application, transfer it and then go through the entire restart/redeploy process on the remote server.
All virtualization technologies including VMware, VirtualBox, Vagrant and Docker are fully supported.

JRebel Case Studies

Yep, JRebel rocks! Stop redeploying, save time & money.