annually per license

  • Use with all IDEs, major containers and 90+ frameworks
  • Support and updates included with subscription

JRebel is sold as an annual subscription on a per seat basis. So, if you have 50 developers in your organization, you need 50 developer seats.

RebelCare Professional allows you to cut the support line with your own unique technical support email.
Available to add on for $75 per seat.

Checkout price is in United States Dollars (USD).
Sales Tax or VAT may be added based on your location.

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We understand that sometimes the ability to justify and buy new development tools can difficult as budgets are often limited and it may be challenging to get a new tool approved. Our sales team can work with you to provide your manager with case studies of other companies that use JRebel in your industry or using similar tech stacks. The sales team can guide your organization through an evaluation of JRebel.

Contact sales@zeroturnaround.com with any questions.