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Imagine adding one more important feature to your current sprint. Or getting a 5-star review from a happy customer. Our Java toolkit makes developer life better by allowing your team to focus on what’s fun and what’s important.Each tool has its own set of features that enable you to elevate productivity and application performance. On their own, they’re great. But together, our Java developer kit helps you completely transform the way your teams develop your mission-critical applications.

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FeaturesToolkitJRebel logoXRebel logo
Instant reloading of code changesCheckmark symbolCheckmark symbol
Ability to maintain application state after redeploysCheckmark symbolCheckmark symbol
Application profiling and the ability to discover hidden exceptionsCheckmark symbolCheckmark symbol
Real-time developer-tailored reports on performance impacts of code changesCheckmark symbolCheckmark symbol

Get Better Solutions to Market Faster With Performance Confidence

The powerful combination of JRebel and XRebel gives you the ability to code faster by skipping time-consuming build and redeploy, and view real-time feedback on your application performance in a local environment.

Graphic showing deploy process with JRebel, a part of the java developer kit

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Go Directly
from Code Change to Test

With JRebel you stop waiting for build and redeploy to make code changes. Simply write code and refresh your browser.

JRebel logo

Immediate Insight into Code Change Performance Issues

Use XRebel to get straight to the data you need to find the biggest performance offenders. With XRebel you get…

Stopwatch symbol

Application profiling

Track the time spent on each request. Find slow methods and make them run faster.

Refresh symbol

Messages and jobs

Monitor messages and background jobs. Fix resource hogs.

Database symbol

Database and NoSQL

Get insight into database activity. Spot methods that query too much.

Lightning bolt symbol


Discover hidden exceptions. Follow the stack trace and fix the problems.

Globe symbol

Web Services and RMI

Get a detailed overview of invocations executed. Detect slow calls.

Screen symbol


Find relevant info without digging. View only the logs emitted during requests.

Customer Success Stories

Portal Replay

“Thanks to JRebel, we’re saving from hours to months depending on the project.”
Filippo Maria de Rosa, Technical Architect

Networked Assets

JRebel improved sprint velocity by 40%.

Hyper Productive

“The tools (JRebel and XRebel) save me about 1 hour every day.”
Joe Parks, CEO

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