Top 5 Best Practices for Streamlining Java Development

Tools, Tips, and Tricks to Eliminate Inefficiencies

In the world of Java development, productivity bottlenecks can lead to sacrifices in an application’s quality, performance, and security to meet deadlines and stay within budget. These decisions are hard to make, and your goal should be to minimize these sacrifices as much as possible.

We have put together some best practices to help identify and eradicate bottlenecks throughout the entire development process. We might even help you tackle some problems you didn’t know you had, including some that are very familiar to developers.

What Are Some of the Biggest Bottlenecks in Software Development?

According to a survey by GitPrime, 41.1% of developers view waiting for others as a major drain on productivity, and 35.1% say subpar tools are also holding them back. These inefficiencies impact every stage of Java development, chipping away at team velocity and project budgets.

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