MythBusters: 5 Scenarios Where Developers Can Create More, Higher-Quality Java Code

Raise Development Velocity

JRebel fast tracks Java application development by skipping the time-consuming build and redeploy steps. JRebel helps developers be more productive since they can view code changes in real time and maintain application state.

Unfortunately, there are now several myths surrounding JRebel. This eBook busts five of them with glee by walking you through popular use cases for Java developers and demonstrating how JRebel can work in those environments to transform your development process for huge productivity gains and cleaner, better code.

Five JRebel Myths Busted

Download this eBook to witness these five myths get thoroughly busted:

  • Spring Boot is “fast enough” without JRebel
  • Your IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic applications are too mature for JRebel
  • JRebel doesn’t integrate with SAP Hybris
  • JRebel doesn’t work in complex environments and custom architectures
  • Remote development on virtual machines or cloud environments is too much for JRebel to handle

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