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A Pragmatic Guide to Scala Adoption in Your Java Organization

A Simpler Subset of Scala is Perhaps a Good Place to Start for Java Teams

Scala is a language created by Martin Odersky and his desire to combine object-oriented and functional programming on the Java Virtual Machine. Scala is purely object-oriented as every value is an object, and functional as every function is a value. The successful mix of OOP and FP paradigms has made the language relatively popular and a “better Java” for many. It’s also a good language for those looking for Haskell-like capabilities on the JVM.

In this report, we opine that the perceived complexity of Scala actually arises more from the diversity of the ecosystem rather than the language itself. We then look at a simpler subset of Scala that is perhaps a good place to start for Java teams who are considering adopting it in 2013 or later. We also include an interview with Martin Odersky, creator of Scala.

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