Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.

ZeroTurnaround’s “Great JUG Giveaway”: A new way to support Java User Groups

Better than a monkey serving you drinks

Ok ok, that one is hard to beat. Especially when you’ve seen it. But what we’ve got in store for you is, we believe, better for not only more people in the JUG, but benefits us too and provides the feedback we need to justify promotions that cost money. It’s the way of the software marketing world.

The idea is this: For every JUG member who enters the competition, the pot amount increases by $5. ZeroTurnaround will get the whole thing started with a primary donation of $500, so if 500 developers around the world enter, the pot will be $3000! That would come in handy right?

The winner will be picked at random and the JUG they belong to gets the whole pot of money. So, the more people from your JUG who enter, the more chance your JUG will win! So make sure you get as many people signed up as you can to stand the best chance of winning!

The competition is to encourage as many developers as you can from your JUG and community to try out JRebel. Make sure your members all use the promo code “JUG”, by using the link given below.

The prizes are cooler too. Instead of just getting 2 JRebel licenses each month, which is easy to forget, we want to promote greater interaction and community sharing with an active, meaningful campaign. The winning JUG will get a nice cash donation, allowing you to decide where it should be spent (the biggest JUG pizza ever? Toys, video/audio recording equipment, monkey waiters?)

What should you do now?

Download a free trial version of JRebel now! Our goal is to make this sort of promotional sponsorship an excellent model for all parties involved. The Great JUG Giveaway program is really low-risk–at the very least, you’ll get an awesome, time-saving tool free for 2 weeks. At best, you’ll give your JUG a big, sweaty-fisted cash injection up to $3000 USD for 2014.

Use JRebel free for 2 weeks

Yep, small print. Literally: Full terms and conditions of the JRebel Download still apply. Entrants can only enter once and must use “JUG” as the promotion code to enter. (This is auto filled with the link above). Entrants must fill in the form accurately and be a Java Developer to win. Failure to comply will eliminate you from the draw entirely. Once a developer has been drawn, we will contact them to determine their local JUG and issue their prize. Maximum cash pot is $3000. Money will be transferred to an official JUG account. Alternatively, items that the JUG need can be purchased on their behalf. The winner will be contacted by phone or email and asked which JUG they are affiliated with. In the case this is more than one, we will ask the winner to which JUG they want to send it to.