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XRebel 2.3 release brings DynamoDB, Quartz, JMS, and more!

XRebel 2.3.0 is fresh out of the build machine and available for download right now. This new version comes with many added integrations for various technologies, including Amazon DynamoDB, Quartz, JMS MessageListener, and others.

Download XRebel 2.3

Amazon DynamoDB

With the new release, XRebel adds first-class support for Amazon DynamoDB. The calls to DynamoDB are now rendered as dedicated commands, along with the JSON payload. A picture is worth a thousand words:


JMS, Quartz, and ScheduledExecutorService

XRebel now also includes support for JMS, Quartz and ScheduledExecutorService in the Calls and Events views. This means that any activity — an incoming JMS message processing, a Quartz job, or a periodic task executed via ScheduledExecutorService — will be monitored for any supported events (like SQL query invocations or web service calls).


In fact, XRebel will now detect all queries to external services. When a query cannot be linked to any of the entry points that XRebel currently integrates with, it will be rendered under the new Unidentified group in the Events view:


The updated filtering options make it even more convenient to quickly locate the calls and events.

Retiring Java 5 support

It might come as a surprise, but indeed — until now XRebel required Java 5 as the minimum. Starting with 2.3, XRebel requires Java 6 or newer to run.

This one was a tough decision — to actually drop something we already supported. However, it was getting increasingly more complicated to guarantee the product quality with ancient Java versions. Therefore, this decision had to come sooner or later.

The existing users will still be able to use the previous XRebel versions that included support for Java 5. Going forward, Java 6 is required.

Download XRebel 2.3