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XRebel 1.2 Released – JPA/Hibernate, Redis, RMI, WildFly 8.2

Hello and welcome, XRebel 1.2!

The new version of XRebel comes with support for Hibernate/JPA, Redis, Java RMI, WildFly 8.2, improvements for MongoDB support and adds some eye candy too!

Hibernate and JPA

ORM frameworks hide complexity but take transparency. The number of SQL queries executed during a request often comes as a surprise. This is because the ORM framework takes control of database access. With XRebel, you can now get an analysis as to which SQL statements are generated by the ORM framework


XRebel 1.2 adds support for Hibernate ORM framework used as a JPA provider or via native APIs. The supported Hibernate versions are 3.6 and newer and JPA APIs 2.0 and newer.


The new version of XRebel supports Redis key-value store. XRebel logs and displays the commands that are executed via Jedis driver. Redis is probably the most popular key-value store today, so we hope this feature will be really useful to you if you are a Redis user.



The outgoing RMI calls are now also logged and displayed under ‘Web Services’ category in XRebel. The support is tested under all major application containers. The logged invocations include parameter values and also the result of the call.


MongoDB cursor roundtrips

In MongoDB, find() method queries a collection and returns a cursor to the returning documents. The MongoDB server returns the results in batches. As you iterate through the cursor and reach the end of the returning batch, if there are more results, the call to will cause GETMORE operation to be executed which will bring in the next batch. This also means an extra roundtrip to the server.

XRebel now keeps track of the roundtrips and shows this information in the details to the MongoDB query with the corresponding batch size if set via batchSize() method.


More eye candy!

There are a lot of UI improvements in XRebel 1.2! Most of the UI changes are related to data rendering performance, however, there are a few nice improvements that you will see right away.

We added formatting and syntax highlights for SQL queries which happens lazily as you browse the data. And the IO filter toggles stick to the top of the window as you scroll.


In the call tree, the intermediate nodes within the invocation chain are now collapsed by default. This allows XRebel to render the data even from reasonably huge applications, like Jira, without any problems.


Download and try the new version!

We appreciate your feedback! please feel free to leave your feedback on our forum page or use the in-product feedback component.

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