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DevOps / ITOps Productivity Report 2013


Part I – The Week-Long Grind: From DevOps and Traditional IT Ops Perspectives

In this section, we get to know more about the people working in DevOps and Traditional IT Ops teams, and how they spend their time each week. It’s clear we learned a lot. For instance, on a weekly basis, did you know that DevOps oriented teams spend more time doing positive or neutral tasks (i.e. automating repetitive tasks, infrastructure improvements & self education), while traditional IT Ops teams spend more time in negative or neutral tasks (i.e. firefighting, support, communication)?

According to these numbers, Traditional IT Ops teams require 41% more time for communication and 26% more time for fire-fighting than DevOps oriented teams, and spend less time on task automation and infrastructure improvements.

Other findings in this section:

  1. Top 3 time-consuming tasks for Traditional IT Ops on a weekly basis:
    1. Communication (i.e. meetings, writing emails, planning) – 7.2 hours
    2. Firefighting – 4.8 hours
    3. Automating repetitive tasks – 4.6 hours
  2. Top 3 time consuming tasks for DevOps oriented teams on a weekly basis:
    1. Automating repetitive tasks – 5.3 hours
    2. Communication (i.e. meetings, writing emails, planning) – 5.1 hours
    3. Infrastructure improvements – 4.8 hours

DevOps oriented teams have 4 hours per week more to use for non-mandatory activities, spend 33% more time on infrastructure improvements and 15% more time on self-improvement and education.

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