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New ZTLive Webinar: What’s New for Devs in JDK 9

Well it’s really happening. JDK 9 that is — currently due for general availability on September 21st 2017. As we get closer to the release date, talk around many offices has been intensifying around what we as developers can actually expect from JDK 9.

This makes Java 9 the perfect topic for our next ZTLive webinar. We are thrilled to have two amazing speakers (and amazing human beings) to present on some great Java 9 topics: Venkat Subramaniam and Simon Ritter.

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TestContainers: Making Java Integration Tests Easy

In this post I want to share a word about an awesome library for integration testing in Java — TestContainers. We’ll provide a little background on why integration testing is so important at ZeroTurnaround and our requirements for integration tests. You will learn how TestContainers helps us at ZeroTurnaround with our own integration testing. You’ll also find a fully-functional example of an integrated test for a Java agent.

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Performance metrics that are not lying to you

Common statistical metrics are not applicable in performance testing. Incorrect metrics may cause you to ignore real problems and to optimize where it isn’t necessary. Let us look at the proper way to do performance testing.

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The best Java 9 Language and API improvements

Java 9 collections factory methods

In this post, I don’t want to spend time on discussing the module system in detail, but instead, I want to talk about what every Java developer can benefit from: the upcoming API and language changes.

So here’s a list of our favorite API changes in Java 9. Naturally, you can just look at the code examples in the post, to get the gist of what’s shown. But you can also fire up JShell and run these snippets as we talk about them to see for yourself what is going on. I’ll wait for you to start JShell up before continuing… ready? Not yet? Ok… done? Still not? Yeh, it takes a while to warm up… ok it’s started, great! Let’s begin.

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Developer Productivity Survey 2017: Why do you use the tools you use?

We’re excited to launch the survey for the RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report 2017. We’ve done a bunch of survey fuelled reports in the past and try to publish one every year analyzing the responses we get from the community about the tools they use, the technologies considered exciting or dull, the architectures we employ to build software, productivity metrics and so on. If you’ve done this before, know the ropes and just want to get started with the survey, click the fantastic button below and you’re good to go.

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Webinar recording: Reactive Spring

The recording of our April 18 webinar, Reactive Spring, is now available!

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(MVN) Maven Options Cheat Sheet

What is Maven?

According to the docs, Maven, or MVN, is a “software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project’s build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.” However, most normal people refer to it as a build tool. Its job is to build the project, convert the source code into a binary artifact, package the resources into it, and if needed automatically download and use necessary dependencies.

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Introducing JRebel for Android Enterprise and a few more things…

Exciting times at ZeroTurnaround! Thanks to interest in and adoption of our newest product, JRebel for Android, we have made some good progress in the last 6 months. With these changes the product will better serve Android developers who are building large enterprise applications, developing at a fast pace, and have serious revenue objectives to meet. ZeroTurnaround has always focused on optimizing Java development and we are very excited to bring this expertise to Android development as well.

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ZeroTurnaround breaks new ground with JRebel for Android

Tallinn, Estonia and Boston, Massachusetts, April 4th, 2017, ZeroTurnaround, creators of Java development tools, JRebel and XRebel, announced today that their Android development tool, JRebel for Android will be available for free. For Android developers who require enterprise-level capabilities, ZeroTurnaround is providing a comprehensive solution for them with JRebel for Android Enterprise.

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XRebel Redesigned to Scientifically Make You Smarter

It’s common knowledge that learning is multi-sensory. However, in a study we made up, we found that 71% of developers are sensory-deficient. In the lab, we found that by exposing users to a sensory bath, we force open the vaccuuminal cones in the neurons, essentially massaging the sensory receptors in the brain to allow more data intake. Neurons can scientifically absorb 147% more information than sensory-deprived neurons. Now, that’s something.

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