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Performance management is broken. We have a fix!

Oh em gee! Traditional performance management is broken, who broke it?!? Well in all honesty, it has always been broken because, most companies don’t start thinking about performance monitoring until the application is in production. In fact, we’ve found that over 75%[1] of the application performance issues make it to production where customers experience them. Just imagine if we did this with our QA issues.

If you are building a customer facing app, the thing you dread the most is a production fire. You’re probably using a production APM to try to find issues so you can fix them with the least impact on your users. Despite being alerted to an issue as soon as it occurs, your customers will have to bear with the issue until your team resolves it. So you scramble to gather a team or assign your dedicated team of performance experts to try to fix the issue in record time to minimize the impact.

Do you really want to be in this reactive model? Wouldn’t it be nice to have tools that would greatly reduce these situations altogether, or at least reduce the number of these occurrences?

You may be slightly ahead of the curve and using the tools made for production performance monitoring in pre-production environments to keep up with the industry trend of “shifting-left.” While these tools do a great job in production, they’re still not fit for test and development environments, so despite your best efforts to retrofit what tooling you have to earlier stages, bugs are still falling through the cracks into production.

All of the above is what we describe as a broken performance pipeline.

We are excited to introduce the XRebel APM solution, the only APM built for development and test. With XRebel Hub and XRebel Local you can rethink how traditional way performance management is done, fix the performance pipeline and build kick-ass apps where customers are not impacted by performance issues.

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Here’s how the XRebel APM solution is fixing the Performance Pipeline:

Simplify finding issues

Find issues faster and earlier with an intuitive dashboard

Easier root cause diagnosis

Diagnose root causes faster with trace diffs

Fix issues faster

Fix issues faster by reproducing issues on local machine

Don’t just take our word for it though, hear what one of our many customers has to say about the new addition to our XRebel suite.

“We have been ZeroTurnaround customers for a while now. We are very excited to add XRebel Hub to our suite of tools to measure performance in testing and development. Traditional APMs are great for production but can be overkill in development and testing” – Wade Robbins, Chief Solutions Architect, Cirrus Group.

You can start monitoring performance as early as development and testing where 86%[1] of production issues can be found. The XRebel Hub solution simplifies and isolates performance issues to application-level use-cases where it is simple to find, diagnose and fix issues. Use XRebel Hub to catch performance regressions in the testing phase and XRebel Local to verify that your code is meeting the performance requirements with real-time insight into application performance during development.

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[1]: Maple, Simon, and Oleg Shelajev. Developer Productivity Report 2015: Java Performance Survey Results. ZeroTurnaround, 2015, Developer Productivity Report 2015: Java Performance Survey Results, .

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