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LiveRebel 2.7 – Featuring Staged Releases and .NET Support

Releasing web apps is hard! Failures are not uncommon and recovery is tedious. That’s why LiveRebel 2.7 now brings bulletproof releases to all platforms, including Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby and Perl….

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New in LiveRebel 2.7 is support for .NET and equal support for all platforms, including health metrics, rolling updates and staged release support.

Now supporting .NET

With LiveRebel, teams can also rollout .NET apps rapidly and safely, without compromising on process, control or user experience. Read more about how you can automate .NET app releases.

Rolling updates and staged releases on all platforms

What if developer got the code working on his machine, but forgot to include database or configuration changes in the release? All the tests pass, but the release fails in production. LiveRebel protects you against that in several ways:

  1. The application archive includes all database and configuration updates necessary to release the app in any environment. If the release fails it will be rolled back automatically
  2. New! LiveRebel can run smoke tests after the application has been updated, but before it’s visible to the users. If anything fails the whole release is rolled back without the user noticing anything.
  3. New! Rolling updates mean that you can do tests on parts of your servers at a time as well as do any offline updates, like restarting the server, without user disruption.

This means your users are always shielded from deployment failures and experience no downtime!

Health metric on all platforms

LiveRebel monitors latency and throughput across apps and environments in real-time. A green beacon indicates the “health” of the app or app server – hover over the beacon and you see latency and throughout as well. Check it out!


Try LiveRebel 2.7 today

Go ahead and  deploy your apps – irrespective of platform – along with automated tests. Simply:

  1. Download LiveRebel 2.7 for free and install it
  2. Add applications and servers to your LiveRebel installation
  3. Set up automated tests using deployment configuration scripts

You’re all set. Deploy away and watch your application deploy onto target servers in phases while running your test scripts. If the test script returns an error code, watch the deployment rollback without impacting active users!

If you have any questions or if you’d like to share your thoughts, tweet them to @liverebel or simply comment below. Happy deploying!

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