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LiveRebel 2.6: One-Click Code+DB+Conf Releases with Multi-Platform Support

The LiveRebel team is proud to present the latest and greatest release of LiveRebel. Prepare to have your socks knocked off :)

Why LiveRebel?

Releasing is hard! It can break the app, it can break the data, it can break the environment. It can mean hours and days of work to recover and pissed off users. At the same time, modern development practices push for more releases at a faster pace. LiveRebel is our solution to this challenge – it makes releasing a repeatable, predictable process that you can run at any time without any impact on user experience. And if things do go wrong, you can always revert to the previous version.

With LiveRebel 2.6 you can rollout code, database and configuration changes in sync, onto a blend of  environments with no downtime or overhead. The result: you get the latest version in front of users quickly, without compromising on quality or disrupting user experience.

13 5-58 PM

Join our webinar on March 14 to be the first to see LiveRebel 2.6 in action! If you’re impatient take a look at our list of awesome features or grab the free version right away.

What’s New?

With LiveRebel 2.6 we rethought our approach to deployment. Often today a release is an affair that includes an orchestra of changes to several apps running on multiple platforms, databases and environments. We wanted to manage all of that with a single click, and still allow one to customize every step if necessary. We built on the rolling restarts and configuration scripts of 2.5 with the following new features:

  • Extended Platform Support: Release apps that use Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl or Javascript
  • Database Updates:  Version, rollout and rollback database schema changes with ease.
  • Content Updates: Transfer files to target servers that you choose.
  • Environment Configuration Management: Deploy a single release package onto multiple environments, with different configurations. During deployment, LiveRebel will apply the correct configuration for particular environment.
  • Health Monitoring: Keep tabs on the health of your apps and servers in real-time.
  • Zero Overhead: Unlike previous versions hotpatching and associated runtime overhead on Java is optional and disabled by default.

Read how to combine these new features to release multi-platform apps with one click or see the following demo:

Once again: join our webinar on March 14, take a look at our list of awesome features or grab the free version right away.

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