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LiveRebel 1.1 Available For Your Continuous Pleasure

Live from the JavaOne 2011 conference we are happy to announce the first major update to our production update management tool, LiveRebel.

With this release we make another step to a go-to management tool for all you Java application update needs. For starters, LiveRebel now supports initial deploying applications through the LiveRebel Command Center. To make your life simpler, we no longer require you to add a liverebel.xml file to the archive, if it’s deployed through us.

To allow greater flexibility we have reworked the command line interface to the Command Center, e.g. allowing to pause the application to wait for database updates that can now be scripted with no manual intervention as a part of the update. We also allow more flexible workflows, so that the developer can review and prepare an update and ship only one application archive to the operations team in charge of the production environment.

We are also happy to report that the first production deployments and customer case studies are going very well and we will soon start posting the accounts on our blog. LiveRebel can truly quickly and painlessly enable the fully automated one-button delivery of changes to the production, that is coveted by the proponents of continuous delivery and similar practices.

Get the updated release to make use of these features, as well as numerous bug fixes and minor improvements as fully described in the changelog.

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