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JRebel 2019.2.0 Release Notes

JRebel 2019.2.0 is now available! It adds support for Java 13, DropWizard, and Thorntail, improves support for Apache Camel, and provides updated support for many frameworks and IDEs.

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Support for Java 13

Java 13 got two cool language features in preview. They are likely to be part of the main Java language very soon. Try these features out today with Java 13 and JRebel by adding --enable-preview JVM flag.

  • Text blocks — Text blocks allow developers to write multi-line strings in a more comfortable way. This will enhance writing complex SQL queries or any other code snippets embedded in the Java source code.
  • Switch expressions — Switch expressions, now in its second appearance as a preview feature, experienced some minor changes since JDK 12. The most notable change is the inclusion of the yield keyword. This is a stepping-stone toward pattern matching in Java and toward a more functional coding style.
A screenshot animation of new JRebel features

JRebel 2019.2.0 Working With Text Blocks

Microservices Are Here to Stay

The industry trend for breaking the monolith down to microservices is unquestionable, irreversible, and disruptive. In fact, most enterprise Java systems started today are microservices-based.


As of this release, JRebel announces official support for DropWizard — the second most popular Java microservices framework. (The most popular obviously being Spring Boot, which already works great with JRebel.)  For DropWizards, we support most reloading scenarios that a microservices developer might find useful: adding/editing microservices endpoints, adding controllers and other beans, and much more.


Thorntail is another microservices-related technology that lets you package your app as a lightweight JAR. It’s a full implementation of Eclipse Microprofile – the specification aiming to provide standardized API for microservice runtimes. JRebel supports similar reloading scenarios for Thorntail as for Dropwizard.

Improved Support for Apache Camel

Apache Camel is an integration framework that helps developers route and process messages from tons of different sources, including; microservices, message queues, databases and social media.

We’ve reviewed our Camel support, adding some breadth to it. JRebel now supports most common scenarios, like adding or reconfiguring routes, adding or editing consumers and producers, and so forth. If you are relying on Camel to route messages in your application, and are experiencing a redeploy time that gets annoying after a while, be sure to give JRebel a spin.

Additional Changes in JRebel 2019.2.0

JRebel 2019.2.0 features updated support for DeltaSpike, Hybris, Jetty, KumuluzEE, MyBatis-Spring, Payara, tc Server and WebSphere Liberty.

In addition, we’ve made some general improvements and bug fixes.

You can read the full JRebel 2019.2.0 changelog here.

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