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Jevgeni Kabanov: ZeroTurnaround wants to represent you in the Java standards body

Hi fellow geeks, this is Jevgeni, CEO & Founder of ZT. I wanted to quickly share something important with you that made me suddenly force our Marketing team to drop everything and make an unplanned blog post ;-)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the JCP (Java Community Process) before, but in case you don’t follow what is happening with Java standards, the JCP is the body that defines ALL Java standards. Here’s a few facts about the it:

  • The JCP defined Java standards through Java Specification Requests (JSRs), which deliver a written specification, reference implementation and acceptance tests to validate other implementations
  • JSRs are headed by the Specification Lead and discussed in an Expert Group (EG)
  • Then, the JCP Executive Committee (JCP EC) approves the creation and release of JSRs as well as whether they can be bundled into Java EE, Java SE or Java ME distributions.

Now here’s the kicker – JCP membership is open and FREE to all individuals.

You can register today and right away you’ll get email updates on the happenings in the community. I think the most important reason for registering is the fact that every member of the JCP EC is confirmed or elected by JCP members. During the last election there was only 269 members voting, so you can make a real difference!

During the next two weeks one such election is underway. Besides the ratified seats, which are named by Oracle and confirmed by the community, there are two elected seats and 9 candidates for those seats. ZeroTurnaround is one of the candidates.

EDIT: We lost the elections to the JCP by 37 votes. But please register with the JCP (takes 20 mins) and help us win next time!

Why does ZeroTurnaround want to join the JCP Executive Committee?

Well, this is an experiment for us. For the past year we’ve participated in the JSR 342, which is an umbrella JSR for Java EE 7. There have been some healthy and interesting discussions in the Expert Group and we have learned a great deal, even if we haven’t been able to contribute quite as much as we’d like to (yet!)

Mainly, we learned, that JCP is a strong community of its own, which has surprisingly similar aims to the Open Source community – to empower the developer.

Truly, the way standards are developed are not always aligned with the developer community, and the way in which they are developed are less open than they could be. The good part is that the community is open enough that those issues can be influenced.

ZeroTurnaround represents an interesting segment in the Java development community. We stand for commercial products that are accessible to everyone and that make software development and delivery less painful. Our goal at the JCP EC would be to make sure that the standards are making both developer and most crucially operations team life less painful at small organizations as well as large.

The last part is key. There are plenty of folks at the JCP who represent large organizations, but there’s much less of those who have the interests of thousands of small organizations in mind. We believe that JCP EC could benefit from a company like ZeroTurnaround, whose growth and mission focuses on agile software development and delivery methodologies made available to all Java engineers in any-size company.

But isn’t it too late to register to vote? Well, it could be. But even in that case, we ask you, nay urge you ;-), to take some time and register. Next year all EC seats will be back for re-election, and even if you miss this vote, you won’t miss the next. Help us make JCP a friendlier place for small organizations and register today!

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