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Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2014

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks

Looking at these stats, we can see that RDBMS are still the top data storage technology (85%), and ORMs (53%) are the slightly leading means of database access before SQL (32%). At Data Geekery, we believe that those who prefer SQL over ORMs deserve better, typesafe, embedded SQL – which is why jOOQ is gaining momentum in that segment.
      – Lukas Eder, CEO of Data Geekery GmbH​​

This is the first year we specifically asked about ORM frameworks for helping you with your data management. In the past, we’d lumped the dominant Hibernate (67.5%) into a more generic “Application Frameworks” segment, where in 2012 it was reported being used by 54% of respondents. Approximately 10% of respondents do not use this technology, so the results have been normalized.

In this semi-mature, changing market, we find plain old JDBC (22%) and Spring JdbcTemplate (19.5%), two popular flavors of more or less the same tech, taking over 40% of the market when combined. We were a bit surprised at the high level of use of EclipseLink (13%) in light of these more popular ORM frameworks, but then again it is integrated with JPA, commonly used by developers. MyBatis (6.5%) and jOOQ (1.5%) also appear on our radar as well, serving some niche audiences.

Java tools and technologies landscape 2014 orm framework in use graph