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A Sneak Peek on the Java EE App Update Survey Results

Hi guys!

Last week I asked you to help me find out how Java EE apps are updated in production. I’d like to thank everyone who replied to the survey so far. I’ve received just over 600 responses so far, and I’m hoping to get a few hundred more to be sure of the data. Here are some interesting things that came out:

  • Only 27.4% of respondents consider the update process ideal. The grievances include lack of tooling support, lack of automation, erratic behavior and many others.
  • Redeployment in production is allowed by as many as 24.2% of respondents, but only 12.2% use it as the primary means of application update. When asked for the reasons, 31.9% of respondents quoted the memory leaks and resulting OutOfMemoryErrors, whereas 46.8% quoted memory problems in addition to other issues with the redeployment.

To find out more today fill in the survey and you’ll see the running tally right away.


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