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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love


First Release: 2003
Latest Release: 2.11.1
Interesting Facts: Scala was voted the most popular JVM scripting language at the 2012 JavaOne conference. In January 2014, the Redmonk Programming Language Rankings report placed Scala 13th, one place above Haskell!

10 kickass tools developers love scala

Scala is a JVM language that provides support for OO and functional programming. It is a statically-typed​ language with full interop with Java, even though a lot of Java devs are still scratching their heads in WTF mode with it most of the time.

With interest in learning Scala shown by nearly half of the developers surveyed, Typesafe’s surrounding ecosystem of tools like Play, Akka, Slick and sbt might be readying for battle with Groovy in turning Scala a real enterprise alternative to Java.

Scala has come a long way since its 1.0 release back in 2004 and has grown to be one of the most interesting languages running on the JVM. When we recently asked developers “which alternative JVM language they would be most interested in learning”, 47% listed Scala as their next choice. When nearly half of Java developers out there go for Scala, it’s got to be for a good reason. In the build tools segment, disproportionate interest in Scala’s SBT compared to real-life usage leads credence to the idea that Typesafe’s focus and the community backing of the Scala ecosystem of tools, including Akka, Play and so on, is culminating in a general trend.

Scala has evolved a lot since its inception in 2004. Its user base has grown to a size I could have never imagined back then, and has been picked up in industries ranging from major enterprises, financial institutions, to startups. Being recognized by RebelLabs is a huge honor and validates the work we’re doing to create an elegant and powerful programming language.
– MARTIN ODERSKY, Creator of Scala