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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love


First Release: 2007
Latest Release: 2.6.3
Interesting Facts: MongoDB is both the product name and the company name. Previously, the company was called 10gen, but nobody knew who they were until you said “You know, the MongoDB people”, so they bit the bullet and changed their name to MongoDB!

10 kickass tools developers love mongodb

MongoDB is a document database that supports programming languages to map data types directly to documents in the database. MongoDB is not the technology from the film Blazing Saddles.

MongoDB is the dominant force in this maturing NoSQL market, where other interesting players like Neo4j and Hazelcast are also gathering supporters.

The world of NoSQL databases is still certainly maturing: compared to many of the big SQL players from the 90s like MySQL, Oracle DB and PostgreSQL, the NoSQL group of cool newcomers is dominated by MongoDB (56%) released in 2009. To be fair, only 39% of developers surveyed use NoSQL at all, compared to 92% for usage of SQL, but we see a much more evenly-spaced market share layout for SQL technologies. MongoDB has become a dominating force in it’s market, fueled by massive growth and community action, making MongoDB a choice worthy of a geek.

I do believe for database tools that “one size fits all” is over, but I don’t think you want a dozen different tools that you have to be an expert on. You want three of four and some of those are your existing tools: an RDBMS and maybe some data warehousing technology. You’re going to add a NoSQL database to that toolbox. We are seeing a lot of usage by big Global 2000 companies now. NoSQL in general and MongoDB is getting to be something that’s used by companies of all sizes if they write any apps at all2.
– DWIGHT MERRIMAN, Founder of MongoDB