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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love


First Release: Jan 2011 (2005 as Hudson)
Latest Release:
Interesting Facts: Jenkins was born when the Hudson project, created by Sun Microsystems, was forked when questions grew over control or stewardship of the project. Since then, Jenkins popularity has soared, while Hudson tends to be used more for legacy projects.

10 kickass tools developers love jenkins

Jenkins is a Continuous Integration tool, that provides automatic build triggering from VCS commits and much more. Jenkins can probably be customized via the Internet of Things to make your drinks, but won’t physically serve them to you.

10 kickass tools modern developers love continuous integration server

Things are finally looking better for application development these days–over 80% of developers are finally using Continuous Integration to make sure they don’t keep breaking their app before it even gets launched. Bravo! Joking aside, Jenkins has an almost laughably dominant position in the CI server segment; with founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi leading the way, a strong community of active plugin developers and a group of geeks even using it to trigger their office coffee machines, Jenkins is definitely a geek’s choice.

Source: Java Tools & Technologies Landscape for 2014

With 70% of the CI market on lockdown and showing an increasing rate of plugin development, Jenkins is undoubtably the most popular way to go with CI servers.

When asked about future development of Jenkins, it’s usage is so diverse it’s hard to say what users want most—but generally users demand everything and expect it be done yesterday! What made Jenkins successful is the increasing need for more automation, and it just so happened that Jenkins is extensible and pluggable enough to let people do what they wanted. I’d love to see more participation in the community, such as more development, more knowledge sharing, etc.
– KOHSUKE KAWAGUCHI, Creator of Jenkins