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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love

IntelliJ IDEA

First Release: 2001
Latest Release: 13.1
Interesting Facts: IntelliJ is actually an Open Source project hosted on GitHub, with over 130,000 commits to date!

10 kickass tools modern developers love intellij idea

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE developed in Java with advanced code navigation and code refactoring capabilities, supporting development in many languages including Java, Scala, Groovy and Android. IntelliJ also boasts the most outspoken community of crazed developers in love with it.

We’ve all run into an IntelliJ IDEA fanatic at one time or another, and the main takeaway from many of these encounters is something like “you’re an idiot for not using IntelliJ.”

Regardless, since we last looked in 2012, the IntelliJ “fanboy-ism” in the IDE segment has led to a change in the landscape dominated by Eclipse, whose market share is slowly eroding. IntelliJ, now used by 1 in 3 developers, is also the most interesting IDE for almost half of the developers we asked (49%), leading us to finally ditch all the anecdotal evidence that IntelliJ rocks and finally proclaim it “chosen by geeks” officially.

Even though IntelliJ IDEA focuses sales of its commercial version, it is nonetheless used by 33% of developers overall. As the only non-free IDE with any sizable market share, it is also very popular and interesting to developers–nearly 50% of those surveyed would rather use IntelliJ IDEA than any other IDE.

If you ask why I think IntelliJ is successful, I’d say that it’s due to us listening to the community and being ourselves part of our own target audience. We’d love to see more development of plugins with educational focus, as well as first class pure functional languages support. These days, there’s a lot requests for better Git support, namely support for Git submodules. Over the next decade, I think we’ll see most currently existing functionality inside of paid development tools become free, although I’m no oracle :)
– MAXIM MOSSIENKO, Development Department Lead at JetBrains