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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love


First Release: 2012
Latest Release: 2.0
Interesting Facts: Unlike Ant and Maven, Gradle decided to go a different route with a Groovy DSL for configuration and scripts. It took 3 years and 11 milestones to go from v0.7 in 2009 to v1.0 in 2012.

10 kickass tools modern developers love gradle

Gradle is a build tool that automates build test, deployment and more. Unlike other build tools, it is powered by DSL configuration. Rumors are emerging that Gradle can even be configured to build you.

10 kickass tools modern developers love build tool

10 kickass tools modern developers love build tool most used

In a space that has seen relatively little movement or large innovations since Maven 2 back in 2005, Gradle has certainly captured the attention of Java devs that are tired of market dominator Maven’s XML footprint and Ant + Ivy’s long list of issues. Doubling in market share since 2012, Gradle is Groovy DSL based, configurable in a billion ways and even let’s you launch an empty build script.

Source: Java Tools & Technologies Landscape for 2014

With only 11% of the share of the build tool market, Gradle was nonetheless the most interesting technology for the majority of 2164 developers when asked about this segment.

Nearly 6 in 10 developers want to learn about using it, even though it required some Groovy knowledge–that, plus Google has officially selected it to be the future official build tool for Android. Which, isn’t much until it’s actually in use, but a strong indication that Gradle is a tool chosen by geeks.

Gradle is popular I think because it provides the sweet spot between too much rigidity and not enough structure. Gradle has a very powerful and fast executional layer and the industries best dependency management. Gradle is the first build system that has a true multi-platform approach, and it’s easy to extend with deep APIs and extensions that are first class citizens. In the future, I would love to see better support for JavaScript, improved Gradle IDE integration particularly with Eclipse, a powerful project template system and juicier project reports. Additionally, a full Gradle plugin lifecycle management solution. One that makes it super easy to create and maintain high quality Gradle plugins. A solution that for example continuously integrates the community plugins with the latest Gradle versions and vice versa. The first building blocks are now out there with the Gradle plugin portal and the Netflix Nebula effort but a lot more can be done.
– HANS DOCKTER, Creator of Gradle