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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love


First Release: 2005
Latest Release: 2.0.1
Interesting Facts: Git was first designed and developed by Linus Torvalds himself, for Linux kernel development.

10 kickass tools modern developers love git

Git is a distributed revision control and source code management system made by Linux creator Linus Torvalds in between fits of rage directed towards certain less-awesome contributors to the Linux kernel.

10 kickass technologies modern developers love top vcs

Source: Combined from 3 annual surveys by ZeroTurnaround.

In 2012, Git was gaining traction in a market dominated by Subversion (SVN), but still had far to go. Fast-forward to 2014 and we see a different scenario–whereas DVCS competitor Mercurial stayed with more or less the same as two years prior (about 1 in 10 devs), Git has gained more fans quickly, over-taking Subversion for the first time and propelled by the community activities of GitHub, Atlassian and others. GitHub is so synonymous with Git these days that some developers accidentally refer to GitHub as their DVCS technology of choice, whereas it’s more accurately a value-adding provider of tools and services on top of Git. No matter.

Git has taken over where Linux left off separating the geeks into know-nothings and know-it-alls. I didn’t really expect anyone to use it because it’s so hard to use, but that turns out to be its big appeal. No technology can ever be too arcane or complicated for the black t-shirt crowd1.
– LINUS TORVALDS, Creator of Git (and Linux)

Over the last few years, Git and Subversion seem to be trading market share with each other, while Mercurial maintains the stable #3 position (much like NetBeans in the IDE segment). CVS, without a new release since 2008, is understandably not gaining market share.