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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love

JRebel (Honorable Mention)

First Release: 2007
Latest Release: 5.6.0
Interesting Facts: The cumulative time that JRebel technology has saved developers is over 1 developer’s full lifetime! That’s some serious redeploy time!

10 kickass tools developers love jrebel

JRebel is a productivity tool for Java, Groovy and Scala developer’s. The tool eliminates build, compile, redeploy and restart time from a development cycle. If you are a slow or unnecessary part of the Java EE development cycle, watch out.

10 kickass technologies the modern developers love tools predictability software delivery

To avoid additional survey bias in our 2013 report, JRebel customer records were matched with the email addresses of survey respondents. When the analysis was over, we found that JRebel users are able to predictably launch software 8% more than the median of 61%.

Source: Developer Productivity Report 2013

You only need to speak to a JRebel user to hear how grateful they are the project exists and how thankful they are that they’re using it! In a development world with containers, large applications and very few ways to hot reload your code, JRebel is the most popular way to do this with Java Resources, Classes and Framework code. Its user base is ever increasing with an extremely high renewal rate. JRebel are easily the market leaders for this type of tooling, and is an essential for large enterprise environments.

Our 2013 Developer Productivity report shows that a statistically significant increase of 8% in predictability of software delivery is seen by JRebel users.

The biggest reason for JRebel’s success is actually the ignorance of the technical challenge—when developers finally see how coding in Java can be without any delays then it’s like a lightning bolt! We constantly hear from users about more and more integrations with 3rd-party frameworks and commercial platforms, but what I’d really like to see in the future with JRebel is support for test-driven development (TDD) workflows. For the long-term, I hope that we’ll see the appearance of novel development platforms with interactive support and first-class verification/introspection built-in.
– ANTON ARHIPOV, JRebel Product Manager at ZeroTurnaround