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10 Kick-Ass Technologies Modern Developers Love

Tomcat and TomEE

First Release: 1999
Latest Release: 8.0.9
Interesting Facts: Tomcat was originally a merger of Sun Java Web Server code and ASF RI if Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1, hence starting at v 3.0.x

First Release: April 2012
Latest Release:
Interesting Facts: TomEE is certified for Java EE 6 web profile and aimed at Java EE 7 full profile.

10 kickass tools developers love tomcat and tomee

10 kickass tools developers love app server

Tomcat is the leading free, open-source Java Application server people turn to when writing Java Web Applications requiring JSP and Servlet support. TomEE provides Java EE support to the existing Tomcat base, retaining the Tomcat look and feel. Neither Tomcat nor TomEE require a litter box.

With Tomcat in use by an even 50% of developers surveyed, there is no doubt as to which application server is the first one people think of when it comes to Java development. TomEE, an extended profile for enterprise developers that even partially supports Java EE7, is now professionally supported by creator David Blevins’ company Tomitribe. Both Tomcat and TomEE are geeks’ choices because their popularity and high usage by development-only teams, where production servers are not considered.

Tomcat, long the indie developer’s hero, is now used extensively in enterprises, namely when development teams get to choose their own app servers. This is where TomEE comes in: as the natural extension of Tomcat into Java EE, TomEE combines the huge community of Tomcat with the attention to enterprise needs.

Source: Java Tools & Technologies Landscape for 2014

I think one factor for our success is our religious adherence to all things Tomcat. TomEE is the Java EE version of Tomcat, the most popular Java app server out there, and it’s supported by all tools that support Tomcat, whether those tools know it or not. While TomEE works out-of-the-box with Tomcat tools, many have added support that takes advantage of the extra features TomEE brings. JRebel was actually the first back in 2012, and Intellij, Jelastic and most recently NetBeans are proud supporters.These days what our users want most for TomEE is Java EE 7 support, and many of the Apache projects we need for Java EE 7 are nearing completion. Although the core of TomEE is very good and always getting tighter, I’d like to see improvement is in the professional dressing around the project. Many people have praised the documentation, but I still see room for improvement, and more frequent releases is also quite high on my list. We’ve also done two security releases in the last quarter, each timed right behind the respective Tomcat security releases. We need to keep that up.
– DAVID BLEVINS, Creator of TomEE