ZT Masterclass: Intro to JRebel

A ZeroTurnaround live web session

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JRebel is a JVM Java Agent that enables you to reload your classes and resources in your running application, without the need for you to redeploy or restart your application, preserving your state and saving you time. Furthermore, JRebel integrates with a wide variety of application servers and frameworks, adding capability for reloading configurations for these as well!

In this session, we cover the basics of JRebel, including:

  • Introduction to JRebel
  • Getting up and running
  • Doing your first reloading of a class
  • Common pitfalls when using JRebel for the first time
  • Generating and using rebel.xml files



Michael Rasmussen, Product Manager

Michael Rasmussen is a product manager for JRebel at ZeroTurnaround, previously having worked more than 7 years on the core technology behind JRebel. Michael is a true geek at heart. His professional interests include everything Java, as well as other languages and technologies for the JVM, including an unhealthy obsession with java bytecode.


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Simon Maple, ZeroTurnaround

Simon Maple is a Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround, and is all about community discussion and interaction. He is the founder and organiser of the vJUG (virtualJUG), as well as an active leader of the London Java Community (LJC). Simon’s energy in building and driving the Java community forward culminated in him becoming a Java Champion in 2014.