Shift performance management left

QRebel helps development teams find, diagnose, and fix application performance issues early in the continuous delivery pipeline. By checking each build for performance regressions during test runs, QRebel uncovers problems before they impact user experience.

QRebel has passed SOC2 Type 1 compliancy

Why QRebel?

Performance complaints from users can have a direct impact on your revenue and often by the time you hear them, it’s too late to recover. According to the RebelLabs Developer Productivity Report, 75% of performance issues are discovered in production. Use QRebel to shift performance testing left. It is a clear improvement.

Find performance issues before they affect users

With QRebel, your team finds inefficient code, excessive IO, and exceptions in your development and test environments, catching regressions early to identify issues and improve application performance.

Use existing tests and environments to uncover performance issues

No need to write new tests. QRebel monitors applications running in existing test or development environments. Regressions can automatically fail builds in your continuous integration, preventing bad builds from reaching production.

Fix issues effortlessly with actionable profiling data

QRebel pinpoints the exact issue that caused a regression by continuously monitoring builds and versions. QRebel also identifies end-to-end stacktraces between multiple JVMs, raw database queries, and request parameters to help developers fix issues fast.

How QRebel helped Cirrus Group

“With QRebel, we’ve seen a reduction in production issues. We find issues earlier and had these issues made it to production, it would have cost us a lot of money and downtime.”

Wade Robbins
Chief Solutions Officer, Cirrus Group LLC

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