JRebel for Android Discontinued

We’ve made a difficult decision. After three years, we’ve decided to halt new development on JRebel for Android. This is effective January 31, 2018, with end-of-support on March 31, 2019.JRebel for Android will be in maintenance-only mode. We’ll continue to support all customers through license expiration. And, we’ll continue to deliver bug fixes, new annotation processor integrations, and Android Studio/Gradle updates.If you would like to extend or renew your current license until March 31, 2019, please send us an email.This was not an easy decision, but reflects our commitment to provide superior support and invest in our core JRebel and XRebel APM products. If you’re interested in reading more about this decision and the history of JRebel for Android, click here.

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Reload code changes instantly

JRebel fast tracks Java application development by skipping the time consuming build and redeploy steps in the development process. JRebel makes developers more productive since they can view code changes in real time.
XRebel APM

The APM for development and test

XRebel APM shifts performance testing earlier, providing real-time feedback as developers code and catching regressions over builds and versions. XRebel APM reduces the cost of performance since issues are caught early, when it’s cheaper to fix and far from production.