How We Accelerate
Java Development

A Robust Suite of Java Solutions
for Enterprise Java Development Teams

Rogue Wave Software transforms enterprise software development so teams can build better software, much faster than ever before. Our robust suite of Java solutions includes:

  • Klocwork – Advanced static code analysis for mission-critical systems
  • JRebel – Fast-track Java application development
  • JViews – Proven components for high-performance desktop and web graphical displays
  • OpenLogic – Open source support, assessment, and migration services for enterprise production applications and infrastructure
  • Akana – Enterprise-class API management to accelerate your digital transformation
  • QRebel – Shift performance management left
  • JMSL Numerical Library – Advanced, embeddable analytics for high-performance Big Data, machine learning, and data science applications
  • XRebel – Real-time performance metrics for local development
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