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Substantial Productivity Gains in the Development Environment

“Netty and Spring together with JRebel is a real pleasure to work with. The value of time saved is over 50% of my development time.” – Miro Kopecky, software research and development engineer, Heliocentris

Heliocentris specializes in autonomous energy supply and energy efficiency solutions with the aim of replacing diesel generators with “zero-emission” products. They develop and market systems and turnkey solutions for customers in three key areas: energy efficiency, clean energy, and didactic.

The project is an embedded system which gathers huge amounts of data from fuel cells, rectifiers, solar-hybrids, various sensors, cameras etc. The data is transmitted back to servers. It requires a solution to be scalable enough to collect such amount of data from all units as well as mining significant data that should be displayed to the system user. The team looked to make general architectural changes, using new technologies to improve the development cycle, the final result, and modularity.

The team’s testing with and without JRebel showed the substantial gains to the development environment. They also took advantage of JRebel framework and library integrations to ensure that other changes he makes are also reflected in the live runtime instantly.

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