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ZT Behind the Screens: Who blogs on the ZeroTurnaround team?

While not everyone is interested in spending nights writing company blog posts and releases, there is quite a collection of creatives on the team.

When I started at ZeroTurnaround in September 2010, I was employee #10. The team has grown to nearly 50 people today (250% increase in team size in 2011), and it’s strange to see this little startup blossom from a single office in Tartu, Estonia to a multinational company with offices in Boston, Tallinn, Tartu and Prague. The President of Estonia has visited our company twice in the last 12 months.

Some write technical posts, others run a photo blog and yet others contribute long-winded rants about seemingly random subjects (ehem….me). So without further ado, here are the folks at ZeroTurnaround who maintain their presence in the blogosphere…

Disclaimer: Perhaps unintentionally, I imagine this post will encourage the writers below to blog more frequently, since postings seem to have died off for most of us around early March :-/

Jevgeni Kabanov (CEO/Founder) and Toomas Römer (Director of Engineering/Founder)

dow.ngra.deHi there, Jevgeni and Tom here, the two company founders, Java hackers extraordinaire and creators of JRebel. We write here about all kinds of different technology topics that are not suited for the company blog. From PHP to Java, from Windows to Plan 9, from Batman to Dr. Manhattan. It’s been a little while since we last posted, but what do you expect? We’re busy! ;-)

Anton Arhipov (JRebel Product Lead)

Code Impossible:

arhipov.blogspot.comHi there, this is Anton the JRebel Product Lead. My blog is probably most well known for my series last year called Java Bytecode Fundamentals, which received thousands of unique views. Even now, 40% of all the traffic actually lands on Part I of the post:

I’m a pretty avid IntelliJ IDEA fan, and made several popular posts on “What’s cool in IntelliJ”:
Usually I blog about some corner cases in Java, overviews of the conferences I attend, and some random cool tools I find useful. Sometimes I write about JRebel goodies too.

Anton Pelešev (Infrastructure Engineer)

βeeta.eeI blog on It’s in Estonian.. for a reason: I want to write about tech stuff for dummies. The reason was that there is so many tech blags/news for geeks, not so many for dummies (especially in Estonian, naturally a well-known global language). I like to write about privacy and openness on the internets and easy stuff that non-tech folks could implement themselves. One of my co-writers is a passionate Android lover, so he writes about mobile topics. But we’ll write about whatever we find useful for ourselves and others. Why should people read it? That’s a tough one. Well, as I said, we are trying to reach out to the regular folks out there. Tech is not only for standard nerds.

Bogomil Shopov (Community Enchanter)

bogomil.infoI’m proud to say that I’m one of the most popular and awarded bloggers in Bulgaria since 2004. My blog ( has more than 1000 readers per day. I like writing about technologies, digital rights, citizen journalism and personal stuff.

Since 2009, I’ve been trying hard to write in another language on my blog about “Communities, open web and technologies” ( My efforts of changing the web are noticed by Forbes ( and Wikileaks ( It must be hereditary; even at age 4 my son also has a blog ( ;-)

Dave Shevett (LiveRebel Evangelist & Continuous Delivery Tech Advocate)

planet-geek.comI guess the subtitle of my blog says it best: From the dark depths of the unfathomable void come the otherworldly yammerings of a man out of society. Welcome to… Planet Geek!

I’ve been blogging here since early 2004 and cover a wide range of topics, from business yammerings to programming to reviews and politics.

Greg Kell (Business Development Representative)

gkell.tumblr.comI started this blog after I got a Minolta XG-M 35mm camera out of my parents attic and started carrying it around with me when riding my bike, going on trips etc. It being a film camera, the learning curve was longer than having the luxury of taking as many photos as I wanted with a digital, but the process was a lot of fun. I have since moved to using a digital camera, but still love using film. This blog was created to share some of my photos with family and relatives.

Oliver White (Marketing Manager)

cellardoorpress.blogspot.comI started blogging in 2006 but my own rantings began to disgust me a bit, so I stopped when I began writing occassional content for Prague TV, an English language portal for Praguers to get around and find out stuff. Suddenly, as if an Xmas gift to myself, I registered a new blog at the beginning of this year and somehow found the time to publish a handful of posts before work and travel got the better of me.

Cellar Door Press is simply a mouthpiece for my own meanderings and brain refuse, in which I write about music, whiskey, marriage, the American Dream and what to consider when staying in a 500-year-old hotel. It’s about as good as it sounds – seriously, don’t read it ;-)