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ZeroTurnaround wins prestigious, clunky Duke’s Choice Award from Oracle

Did you know that the Academy award (named “Oscar” and given to actors and film makers each year) is not made of actual gold? The fact is, it’s made of mostly tin, with a smattering of bronze and then gold plated. In a much more interesting Californian awards ceremony, ZeroTurnaround won the prestigious Duke’s Choice Award for JRebel. It’s black and white, with a red nose, and weighs about 10 kg (22 lbs). Tom, holding the award, couldn’t even raise it over his head. We’re geeks, not weight lifters, right?

From left: David Booth (CEO), Toomas Romer (Co-founder & LiveRebel Team Lead) and Jevgeni Kabanov (Co-founder and CTO)

So, yeah, it’s heavy. Probably made of lead, or, in my mind, adamantium. And yes, if you’ve been following us, this is the third award JRebel has received for innovation in the Java world since June this year (the JAX Award and Estonian Innovators Award jump-started the trend).

JavaOne was a great experience this year, with lots of traffic to our booth. Some quick numbers:

  • We talked to over 1100 people that stopped by our booth. Nice meetin’ ya!
  • We gave out 1000 little hockey-pucks inviting Java developers to STOP REDEPLOYING IN JAVA and get JRebel free for 3 months:
  • We handed out over 600 JRebel brochures and ran out on the second day of the event :-( Here is the JRebel brochure in PDF format
  • ZeroTurnaround folks at JavaOne averaged 4 alcoholic beverages per person, per day, 3 pieces of sushi during the trip, and 1.5 Chipotle burritos. Yum.

Anyway, more of this awesomeness to continue at Devoxx in Antwerp, Belgium, November 14-18. See you there!

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