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XRebel Redesigned to Scientifically Make You Smarter

We’re happy to announce XRebel design improvements that make users neuroscientifically smarter!

It’s common knowledge that learning is multi-sensory. However, in a study we made up, we found that 71% of developers are sensory-deficient. In the lab, we found that by exposing users to a sensory bath, we force open the vaccuuminal cones in the neurons, essentially massaging the sensory receptors in the brain to allow more data intake. Neurons can scientifically absorb 147% more information than sensory-deprived neurons. Now, that’s something.

That’s why we introduced sensory triggers to XRebel that stimulate all the senses simultaneously: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Get a sneak peak of the new visual and hearing design features in a video below, which demonstrates a subtle effect that occurs when a node from a stack trace is hidden in the XRebel toolbar:

Download XRebel to get the rest of the senses.

Photos of real beta testers experiencing XRebel’s new sensory stimulating features:*

*Not actual users.

April Fools!!

On a serious note, we did make some design improvements to the Standalone UI. Since the Standalone UI is for cases where you don’t have a front-end to inject the XRebel toolbar into (backend servers and web services), it’s no longer collapsible. It stays always-open which simply put, just makes more sense. Enjoy!

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