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XRebel 3.1 Released: Featuring Eclipse plugin.

For better user convenience, XRebel is now available as an Eclipse plugin. You can install the plugin via the Eclipse Marketplace client. The XRebel agent will then be enabled for the configured WTP servers in your workspace.


Try XRebel 3.1

The plugin contributes to the WTP server configuration page – there you will see an additional XRebel Integration section with the single checkbox to enable the XRebel agent.


Install the plugin, start the server. Voila! As XRebel doesn’t require any additional configuration, it is now just a one-step process to get started.

Not only it is now easier to use XRebel, but with Eclipse plugin infrastructure it is easier to get new version updates – it is completely automatic. No need to download the ZIP archive any more!

See the change log for the full list of updates.

Try XRebel 3.1

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