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Why IT Needs to Automate Application Release Processes

The New Normal

Today’s software users have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. So IT teams need to keep up with market needs all while providing reliable service. Fail to do so, and users switch to competitors or other alternatives. It does sound like a tall order, because with change, comes instability. The more frequently IT teams push of software updates the more likely they are to break something. Maintenance windows are no fun either! All this results in disrupted users and lost revenue.

Our predicament: how can we release software updates safely and frequently, without impacting user experience?

Adapt Or Face Extinction

Real world examples are all around us. Banks with superior online banking services are stealing customers from the laggards. Similarly, FedEx and UPS have left the US Postal Service in the dust by leveraging state-of-the-art systems and logistics.

As technology improves and new platforms become available, newcomers seize opportunities to best services provided by incumbents. The ability to constantly adapt to meet market needs is vital. To stand still, even for a while, is suicide by a million cuts. Starting with a slow, but steady decline in market share while competitors grow rapidly.

Collaborate and Automate to Stay Competitive and Cool!

Change usually contributes to instability and this causes the custodians of production systems to resist it. With automation, we seek to streamline processes, make them fast, consistent and predictable. A unified and automated release process with all the necessary checks can ensure quality, eliminate all sorts of human error and help push changes out quickly and easily. It aims to make change a constant, rather than an exception.

This level of automation requires team-wide collaboration from Dev, QA, and Ops. A well-planned pipeline can help deliver changes continuously. Ironically, small and frequent releases result in better software quality because there are no big bang updates that drastically alter application behavior.

Don’t Delay the Inevitable. Start Here. It’s Free.

LiveRebel, ZeroTurnaround’s release automation product, deploys applications – code, database, files and config – across environments safely with no user interruption or downtime. All updates are tested before real users access them, and failures are fully rolled back.

Everybody wins. Users get well tested features as soon as they’re available, developers build software that works as opposed to shelf-ware, QA teams focus on test coverage rather than running manual tests, operations teams focus on improving infrastructure and processes rather than running manual application updates.



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