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LiveRebel 3.0 lands: Now release multiple apps simultaneously

We’re incredibly relieved to announce an uneventful release of a major upgrade–LiveRebel 3.0 ;-) This release brings a number of enhancements that we’re freakin’ excited to tell you about–which we will do during a live webinar on Jan 30th. For those of you who aren’t familiar with LiveRebel…

LiveRebel is our application release automation product that releases Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl applications with zero downtime, complete with your database and configuration changes. If anything goes wrong, the failed deployments are automatically rolled back before users are impacted.

DOWNLOAD & TRY LIVEREBEL 3.0 Sign up for the Jan 30th webinar

Existing customers can easily upgrade using this migration guide to make the transition from previous versions as smooth as possible.

What’s New With LiveRebel 3.0

Feel free to check out the LiveRebel 3.0 change log for the straight facts, but we thought we’d explain things a bit better for you here. First of all, multi-app deployments …

Multi-Application Deployments

With our latest release, deployments as an atomic entity, take center stage. We’ve included new additions to LiveRebel that allow you to manage and release different applications in an environment together as one. You can see the new Deployments tab showcased below. What do you think?

Deployment tasks

With LiveRebel 3.0, deploying and undeploying applications happen separately from releasing them, so you don’t have to worry about setting up any configuration or servers when pushing a new version live. And when you need to reorganize an environment, you can move applications between deployments without any side effects on servers.

Deployments as environments

Releases are also straightforward — choose new versions and press “Release”.

Release applications

Database Migration Improvements

Database migrations have become first-class citizens, as modules, deployed and undeployed independently from the application code. This gives you a lot more control and enables archiving schemas with data when the application itself becomes unnecessary.

Application modules

CI goodies: Newly-added support for JetBrains’ TeamCity, plus Jenkins, Hudson & Bamboo Integration Changes

We’ve moved to CLI for using LiveRebel with Continuous Integration servers. This exposes all available options for deployments and provides more flexibility in setting up the jobs. And we’ve got you covered when it comes to integration points — we’re excited to now officially support TeamCity in addition to Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo.

More details in the respective guide for the Continuous Integration server.

… more ‘Little Things’

In addition to increased resiliency, we added hundreds of small improvements under the hood. We think the most anticipated features are application deployments to multiple locations with a file or web server, and schema reuse across applications.
You’ll also notice a change to the UI with the new Deployments view that introduces a native application-like experience. Fewer page reloads let you focus on deployment tasks without obstructions. You’ll also enjoy smaller improvements on the rest of the user interface.

Hotpatching Deprecated

Hotpatching is deprecated. It seemed a cool idea during the early days of LiveRebel, but has the potential to have unpredictable effects when used in production — and LiveRebel is designed to reduce unpredictability for your releases! Since then, we’ve come a long way and have a safe alternative to achieve zero downtime using LiveRebel’s rolling restarts strategy (a.k.a. an automated cluster dance).

If you currently use hotpatching, don’t worry. It remains supported throughout 3.0.x versions and will be discontinued in 3.1. However, this is a great time to try out rolling restarts with session drain. It’s more predictable, safer and still gives your users that zero-downtime experience that made ZeroTurnaround famous.

Nothing else to do … but try LiveRebel 3.0!

Check out LiveRebel 3.0, tell us what you think — we depend on that! Tweet us at @liverebel or email with any questions or feedback, or just to say hi. Happy deploying!

DOWNLOAD & TRY LIVEREBEL 3.0 Sign up for the Jan 30th webinar

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