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A primer on Rogue Wave + ZeroTurnaround

(This post is co-authored by Simon and Rod Cope, CTO of Rogue Wave Software)

With ZeroTurnaround now a part of the Rogue Wave family, what does this mean for the future of Java development?

Java is fundamental to Rogue Wave

71% of Rogue Wave development teams have experience with, or actively program in, Java – the largest percentage of any language used within the company. Many of our customers use Java or Java-based tools, from big data analytics and advanced business GUIs to deep security and compliance testing for enterprise and mobile applications. The common thread is that Rogue Wave tools, components, and services meet enterprise demands for faster and better code, whether it’s to accelerate the transformation from monolithic architectures to microservices or squeeze out better performance, scale, and security from production systems.

Our key Java-based products and services:

Visualization for Java – helps aggregate, display, and understand massive amounts of business data in real-time, including highly-interactive, high-performance visuals. Try some interactive online demos of JViews here.

Klocwork – developers of business- and mission-critical applications should be familiar with static code analysis. Klocwork takes it to the next level, offering enterprise-grade security, reliability, and standards compliance testing that runs across teams and reports immediately at the desktop or as part of large-scale continuous integration (CI) builds. You can see the Java checker reference here and, for example, a mapping of Java checkers to popular industry standards.

OSS Support – enterprise customers rely on our open source architects to not only keep their production systems running 24×7, they take our advice on performance optimization, security, architecture, system migration, and much more – with many of them running Java.

IMSL for Java – for big data analytics, data mining, and machine learning, teams around the world rely on IMSL for its collection of embeddable mathematical and statistical methods. As the only analytics and numerical software package that includes integrated charting, IMSL for Java allows organizations to gain valuable insights into their data and share results quickly. Learn about the architecture here and download the extensive Java function catalog (PDF).

And now ZeroTurnaround

Put simply, JRebel, XRebel, and XRebel Hub add to an already robust suite of Java solutions and provide an unquestionable return to enterprise Java development teams. In fact, our OSS Support architect team often advocates for JRebel with enterprise customers.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Java continues to grow, and Rogue Wave continues to help enterprises solve the big problems, now with a larger Java footprint. Here’s what’s next: Transforming enterprise Java software development so teams can build better software, much faster than they ever have before.

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