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LiveRebel 2.6 Sneak Peek: Realtime App and Server Health Monitoring

Monitoring – why we need it

For operations and sysadmin folks, server and application monitoring is serious business. Apps that run flawlessly in development environments may not scale once deployed into production. Although poor coding is easy, tackling performance issues is certainly not. This is why we have a variety of tools for monitoring, detecting and analyzing bottlenecks: profilers, memory and GC analyzers, memory leaks detectors and so on. If you are able to catch and eliminate all performance bugs before the release, great! But this is not always the case. Many web apps go live with performance bugs that exist in stealth until they hit hard.

Got it! What should I monitor?

The right tools and knowledge about metrics that can help detect and understand performance issues go a long way. For instance, you can learn a great deal from just two key metrics – latency and throughput. Latency is the amount of time it takes for a server/application to receive and process a request and send a response. Throughput is the number of requests a server/application is able to process over a given time interval (say, one second).

LiveRebel has your back with visual “Health Checks”

LiveRebel 2.6 monitors latency and throughput across apps and environments in real-time. A green beacon indicates the “health” of the app or app server – hover over the beacon and you see latency and throughout as well. Check it out!


A slowly pulsating green beacon indicates that the server or app is idle and that no requests are coming in. Depending on the throughput, the pulse rate increases. Much like the screenshot below, where the “demo” app under “Tomcat” is getting some attention from its users!


Hover over with your mouse and you see a nice little tooltip with useful metrics.


Throughput: number of requests processed per second right now

Latency (50%): an aggregate value showing the rate at which the faster half of the incoming requests are being processed

Latency (95%): The rate at which all but 5% of the slowest incoming requests are being processed. If an app or server performs badly, the Health Check beacon turns orange or red, depending on the thresholds configured.


Clicking on the “Show slowest requests” link shows you which requests performed the worst.


Stay tuned for more, and join our webinar!

Monitoring your apps for performance has never been so easy! This way, you can be sure that your end users are not being disrupted by a misbehaving app. Health Check is only one of the cool features LiveRebel 2.6 will offer when is launches on March 13.

Join our webinar on March 14 to be the first to see LiveRebel 2.6 in action!