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LiveRebel 2.0.7 is out, features new look and feel

It’s been a crazy three months for us since the LiveRebel 2.0 release and we might not have been as diligent with the release announces as we could be. Since we are big proponents of Continuous Delivery we also apply it to our own products and so we kept cranking out fixes and new features every 1.7 weeks or so. But now is a good moment to look back and reflect.

The biggest change since LiveRebel 2.0 is the new look and feel that we applied in 2.0.7. We were working on it before 2.0, but it took as a while to make it into a truly great experience. We tried to have an overview available at all times and get away with as few clicks as possible. The key function of LiveRebel — running updates — is boiled down to just a couple of choices and yet supports multiple rollout strategies and any kind of complex rollout you could think of:

Obviously there is a lot more to LiveRebel than pretty looks, under the cover we have worked to be sure that it is and continues to be rock solid stable and compatible with the variety of Java environments. As a testament to this most of our LiveRebel 1.x users have by now upgraded to the 2.x release and couldn’t be happier. Check out the changelog for the full list of changes or just go ahead and download the new version right away.

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