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License Server 3.5.0 – introducing team leads

We are happy to announce the release of License Server 3.5.0. This is the largest update the License Server has received recently.

Download License Server 3.6.3

Introducing teams and team leads

The most important new feature we have added: team leads. A couple of releases back, we renamed groups to teams. Now it’s time to follow up by adding a way to add team leads to teams. Let’s take a step back and review the role that teams and team leads serve in the License Server.

Teams are a way to group users in your License Server instance for easier management. Each team can enable one or more of the licensed products, as well as optionally restrict the number of seats that can be assigned for the team. Each team has a unique team URL, which serves as credentials for accessing the licenses for this team. The team URL should only be given to users you want to share licenses with!

The recommended way to set up teams is to mimic the actual structure of your engineering organization. Let’s assume that you have multiple engineering teams with 5-10 developers, and each team is led by a team lead. The best way to handle this in License Server is to create a team for each of them, and adding team leads by specifying their email addresses.

If the added team lead doesn’t have an account in the License Server, he will receive an email with an invitation to create his account.

All team lead accounts will be created with the built-in team lead role by default. This role has limited permissions to change the License Server configuration. You can always add more permissions to this role or move single team lead users into another role (while retaining their position as team lead). Every user in the team lead position can always view his team, monitor license users in his team, block/unblock them, and invite new users to the team.

In the dashboard, the new Teams widget serves as a shortcut to add teams and invite license users to existing teams. Use this new UI to quickly and painlessly set up your teams. More details are available in the Teams view.

GDPR compatibility

May 25, 2018 sees the enforcement of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To comply with this new set of regulations, License Server 3.5.0 will request consent for the processing of contact details from all UI users. Consent is asked and given once per each UI user. For the Administrator Console users that do not consent, contact details will not be processed or stored server-side. More information.

Other improvements

License Server users that upgrade from an older version will also notice that the dashboard now looks much nicer. We introduced the Teams widget, changed seat usage charts into a much nicer doughnut chart format, and updated overall widget placement.

Hopefully you share some of our excitement about this release! Upgrading the License Server is as easy as always.

Download License Server 3.6.3

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