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JRebel Saves a Developer’s Life?

It’s not everyday that a software product saves a life – but JRebel has done it.

What are we talking about exactly? Since we launched myJRebel (formerly JRebel Social) back in 2011, Java Developers around the world have prevented over 18 million application server restarts using JRebel technology – this adds up to over 82 years of time savings. Basically, my total expected life span.

Founder/CEO Jevgeni “Hosselhuff” Kabanov gets ready to save more Java developers from redeploy madness with JRebel

It made me think about this Java dev team that was so impressed with their 40% increase in coding efficiency using JRebel, that they actually recorded their results in a study – but even with all that time savings, it doesn’t get into lifespans.

This is significant. I was reminded about a time when a Sony CD player protected my inguinal area from certain doom during a luggage mishap while flying. Yet I cannot think that software (or hardware) has ever come to the imminent rescue of mankind in such a statistically quantifiable manner.

Thoughts from Martijn Verburg, Ed Burns, Lincoln Baxter III and Sarah Goff-Dupont

“A Greybeard Lisp master once stated that I’d never reach his lofty status because I use JRebel. I’m OK with that,” commented Martijn Verburg, CTO of jClarity and London Java Community organizer.

And not only that. We are regularly reminded via email, Twitter and Face(palm)book how developers feel about JRebel. One dev even wrote that he wasn’t sure what was a more monumental experience in his life: the birth of his first child, or the discovery of JRebel.

“JRebel relegates time spent waiting on the computer to the past where it belongs, along with the days of punch cards!”, commented an indignant Ed Burns, JSF spec lead at Oracle.

Even Product Marketers expressed pleasure at JRebel’s focus on the health and lives of developers, and according to Atlassian’s Product Marketing Manager for Bamboo, Sarah Goff-Dupont:

“82 years would be the average lifespan of a Java developer… if not for all the constant sitting & snacking. Now drop and give me 20 push-ups!”

Push-ups? In this heat? Anyway, it is admittedly difficult to continue snacking when you no longer have to restart your app server all the time. In fact, the whole idea of being “plugged in” has a whole new definition. In today’s race to the top, even a 5-second interruption is enough to butterfly-effect your butt to the bottom of the ladder. I’m distracted even as I write this…wait, where were we?

“JRebel has been saving the lives of developers since servers stopped doing things fast (but now they can do other good things fast too),” says Lincoln Baxter III, founder of OCPSoft and JBoss Forge Product Lead.

If a faster-paced “speed of life” is what you’d like to experience, then why not save an entire lifetime using JRebel to eliminate average losses of over 4 hours per work week due to the dreaded redeploy/application server restart. Never has software been to clearly healthy.

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    February 27, 2013 @ 9:54 pm

    Still one of my favorite posts. JRebel has saved enough collective time to amount to 1 entire lifetime. An accomplishment indeed.

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