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JRebel 5.0.1 Released

Although 5.0.1 was planned initially as a minor/bugfix release, we managed to put in a lot of nice features that missed the train for the JRebel 5.0 release in June. So what’s on the plate?

First of all, the new application servers were released just recently – TomEE 1.0 in April and WebSphere 8.5 Liberty Profile in June this year. So now we have the full test suite running on these containers and we’re pleased to announce the support being included into 5.0.1 release. Geronimo 3 was in development for the time and finally it was released, so there were a few tweaks in JRebel 5.0.1 also for this container.

New plugins for Restlet and ZK are also added to the distribution. Now you can reload restful interfaces implemented using Restlet. For ZK, JRebel integrates with the internal caches introduced in ZK version 6, and with the older versions of the framework JRebel should work fine just out of the box.

The dedicated support for Scalate template engine was added also in this version. Although Scalate had its own plugin for JRebel implemented by James Strachan, we encountered some problems on various containers, thus we decided to integrate the plugin into JRebel distribution for the sake of stability.

A few extra improvements were made to MyFaces integration to support version 1.1. We also fixed some bugs reported by our users in OpenJPA, GWT, Hibernate 4 and CXF plugins.

Download it while it is hot and we kindly ask for the feedback in return! :)

See the changelog for the full list of changes.