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JavaRebel 1.1-M3 Released

The latest development version of JavaRebel features two most requested improvements:

  1. You can now develop with unexploded WAR/EAR/JAR, while still compiling instantly with your IDE. To do that just set the “-Drebel.dirs=/path/to/classes1,/path/to/classes2,…” JVM command line property and JavaRebel will load the “.class” files from those directories instead of from EAR/WAR. The disadvantage in this solution is that since newly added classes are not present in the classpath, JavaRebel will not see them before you recompile your WAR/EAR/JAR (which may still not work in some containers).
  2. You can now mark JARs as reloadable (either set “JavaRebel-Reloadable: true” in MANIFEST.MF or make the JAR name end in “-reloadable.jar”). Reloadable JARs will be monitored for changes and classes in them reloaded as usual. This way you can use your usual build cycle instead of IDE building. Note that you still need unexploaded WAR/EAR, just classes may be in JARs. This feature is considered experimental and is first of all meant for production support in future versions of JavaRebel.

For other changes see the changelog or just download now and try it out!

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