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JavaOne is back at Moscone. Me gusta!

JavaOne is the major conference on the Java technologies scene, held annually in San Francisco. The first time I attended JavaOne was in 2007 and it was huge! The event was located in Moscone Center and thousands of people came to learn about the latest and greatest updates in Java.

In 2010 it all changed: Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle, JavaOne was merged with the Oracle OpenWorld conference and shrank in size. Consequently, since 2010, JavaOne has been relegated to a new location and I personally always felt that the conference is sort of a secondary event next to OOW.

Fast forward to 2017: JavaOne is back at the Moscone! Wow! This is exciting! I’m really looking forward to the event next week, as it’s building up to be very interesting, considering the location change and all the news around Java SE 9 and Java EE 8.

JavaOne Tracks

JavaOne features 8 major tracks and everybody will be able to find sessions for their tastes. I strongly recommend you check the experience level when choosing the sessions you’d like to attend. If you’re experienced in a particular topic and you choose to attend a session for beginners, you might be disappointed. Hence, choose sessions carefully.

Regarding the topics, I have two favourite tracks at JavaOne. First, I’m personally biased towards Java Development Tools track: developer tooling is my personal passion. In the light of Java 9 release tooling is very important for adoption: build tools, IDEs, profilers — the new Java version has a major impact on the tooling ecosystem.

The second important track for me at JavaOne is Core Java Platform track. Java 9’s recent release and the new plans for Java releases are the two major topics I’m keen to learn about at this event. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed and there will be a lot of discussions about the new plans.

A very interesting track at JavaOne is also the Emerging Languages. Kotlin has made immense progress in the last few months and the number of talks that mention Kotlin at JavaOne is an impressive 10, a nice round number. I’d also love to hear how Groovy is doing these days since being moved to the Apache Foundation.

ZeroTurnaround has 10 talks accepted overall at JavaOne this year, most of those are at Java Development Tools track. See the full list of sessions by ZeroTurnaround.

JavaOne Exhibition

Another part of the conference that is also quite interesting, is the exhibition hall. Sponsors and technology vendors are located all in one place. For me, this is the most interesting part of the conference — to go and talk to the people representing their products, learn about the new projects and what’s new in the products I’ve used myself.

You can also meet ZeroTurnaround team in the exhibition hall, booth number 6202. Come and learn about JRebel, JRebel for Android & our new XRebel APM! If you are a user, come and share your feedback!

JavaOne Keynotes

Keynotes are the sessions where the major news are announced at JavaOne. All the attendees are eager to meet the superstars — Mark Reinhold and Brian Goetz at the stage. However, this time I’m really looking forward to Java Community Keynote Reloaded:

“Come to the Java Community Keynote and help the Java Rebels fight against evil JVM Agents who are after your code!”

Come to Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Level, Salon 7–9 at 9:00 a.m. — it will be fun! :)

JavaOne is Now Oracle CodeOne

We recently attended Oracle Code One 2019 in San Francisco, which was again at the Moscone Center.

The community keynote was…an experience. It featured personified cameos from a number of popular new technologies within the Java landscape. Other keynotes focused on building smarter cloud-native applications, and, of course, Java 13.

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