Is Java 8 the fastest JVM ever? Performance benchmarking of Fork-Join


Today, I want to continue talking about Java 8 and all kinds of tools that can help you on your quest to a better software. Java 8 was released just a couple of weeks ago, but, according to some early results of RebelLabs’ Java Tools & Technologies survey, which you can complete in just 3 minutes and helps a children’s charity (guilt trip!), 5% of respondents have started to check out Java 8! For the tools part, I’m going to look at the infamous Java Microbenchmark Harness project, which allows you to generate better benchmarks and measure performance of your code in a sane way.

This post is also about concurrency updates that landed into the JDK in the latest release. Actually, there were multiple changes to java.util.concurrent, but here the focus will be on the improvements introduced to the Fork-Join framework. We’re doing to discuss Fork-Join a bit and then try to implement a sample benchmark to compare the performance of the FJ in Java 7 vs. 8.