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How to do Kickass Software Development [GeekOut 2013 video]

From GeekOut 2013, we’re happy to release the full presentation of “How to do Kickass Software Development”, by Sven Peters. Sven is a 12-year software development veteran who cares about motivations of developers, and currently works as an ambassador for Atlassian, and often dresses up as fictional anti-heroes in his spare time ;-)

Talk Abstract

With kick-ass software development you actually get stuff done. Feedback cycles are short, code quality is awesome and customers get the features they lust after. Less mangers managing, less testers testing and less IT-operators operating. The developers take the power back, making them much happier. Sound like paradise? It is!

This session will show you how we do Kick-Ass Software Development at Atlassian. I will talk about how we: use pull requests for better code quality; collaborate fast to develop ideas; avoid meetings to get more stuff done; tighten our feedback loops to fail faster; shorten our release cycles; and work together happily on different continents. It’s a great way to develop software and we think it can work in your company, too.

See the accompanying presentation on Slideshare.

What Sven thought about GeekOut:

“GeekOut was stunning. ZeroTurnaround did an awesome job pulling together this great conference with amazing speakers for the Estonian developer community. I had lot’s of really great conversations with the local geeks about Atlassians products and my talk. But I must warn everybody who’s coming for the first time to GeekOut: Be aware of the parties. Estonians offer you funny drinks that makes you feel bad the next day… ask my friends from GitHub ;) Keep up the great work… you guys at ZeroTurnaround rock!”

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